Saturday 13th February
Lunches Are Available
Welcoming Bar!



Regular Events

The club is usually open every Saturday from 12-2.30pm and lunches are usually available - Good food in friendly company but come early to make sure you get some lunch.

The Clarion Choir usually meets at the club between 2pm to 4pm the first and third Saturday of the Month - come along even if you think you can't sing!

The writing Group meets every second Saturday from 10am upstairs in the club.

There is a music night starting at 8pm at least one night in the Month, check club news for details. You are welcome to play, sing, read a poem or to sit back and enjoy.

On other Friday nights there are Red Cinema and various Red Friday events e.g talks, discussions, concerts, parties...







Club News

Red Friday: What Price Adult Education? Fri 12th Feb 8pm FREE

Over 2 million adult learning places have been lost in Further Education since 2003.

Club Newsletter February to March 2016

Click here to see the newsletter

Wood Street Music Collective 7pm Sun 7th Feb FREE

Music this Sunday at 7pm with a get together with some of Bolton's best musicians plus Open Mic

All welcome. Bucket Collection.

Music Night with Steve and friends - Friday 5th Feb 8pm FREE

Join us for a convivial evenening of singing, playing and maybe even some poetry!

Bolton Climate Change Awareness day
Planning meeting Weds 3rd February at 16 Wood St 7.30. All welcome.
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